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The Form is currently experiencing some problems and will require the information to be manually submitted.
Please send an email to and with the following information

Name of the Event

Date of the event (day, month and legal year)

Sponsoring group name

Site location (name, street address, town and ZIP code)

Time the site opens and closes (the o’clock times)

Event Steward’s name (both Society and modern – only society name will be published unless permission form used.)

Event Steward’s email address and/or phone number (in case there are any questions – these will NOT be published without permission.

Official event email address – contact your webwright to set this up if you have not done so already.

Site fee and non-member surcharge fee along with the statement: “Make checks payable to SCA Inc./(group name)”.
If there is no site fee, please state “There is no site fee for this event.”
Event Notice Submissions which do not include all the above information are not eligible to have Official Kingdom business conducted at them (no awards, law changes, etc. can take place).

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