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The Form is currently experiencing some problems and will require the information to be manually submitted.
Please send an email to (this will have the Kingdom Calendar and Facebook page updated) and with the following information:

Article Format for the CP:

Title of the event
Date and times (am & pm, not military, please)

Information - your hook! make it interesting, but not too long.
Schedule of the day
Special info for the location, such as pets allowed or not, Merchants

Location name and address
Registration cost, I.E. Adult $15 or $10 with member card. Include: "make checks payable to..." statement.
Autocrat(s)/Event Steward(s) SCA names and Titles
Official event email (which redirects to personal email)
Directions to site - optional, though helpful. Map link works too.

Additional information, not to be printed: Mundane names of autocrat(s), phone numbers & emails (contact information in case I have questions)

If your submission is more than 3/4 to 1 page long in Calibri 10 point font (300-700 words MAX), please edit it for length or the CP Editor will have to do it for you. Thank you!

Comments, suggestions or updates regarding this site should be sent to the .

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